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Delivering excellence  in online retail
22 mrt 2017

Delivering excellence in online retail

eConsultancy online retail expert Greg Randall states that “In order to deliver amazing online experiences, retailers need to first understand and visualise what they should look like”.  This appreciation comes from reviewing great physical retail experiences to form a frame of reference. Why? Because the demands of today’s online consumer are forged in great physical shopping experiences. 

This is an interesting approach towards online retailing and improving experiences in order to increase consumer engagement. Most amazing face-to-face retail experiences include a conversation which lead to a relevant and engaging interaction at the crucial time, he goes on to say. This personalised experience leads to conversion rates ranging from 20% to 40%. Whereas online conversion rates globally range between 2.3% to 3%.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said it best:
"We don’t make money when we sell things. We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions."

Online retail pioneer Brian Eisenberg states that, "Empathy begs you to help them to make a more confident decision, remove their fears, and ultimately allow them to make the decision that is best for them, not just for you. Nobody likes to be sold to.”

Greg sums it all up nicely, “Personalisation delivers amazing experiences.” He writes about the 10 principles to create an amazing online experience which you can read on eConsultancy here.  
However I would like to focus on the following:

Principle 1. Consumers are on a journey.
McKinsey published in the Harvard Business Review that “the consumer decision journey is becoming central to a consumer’s experience of a brand and as important as the products themselves in providing competitive advantage.

At Your Style Lab | Shop Coach we talk about “Moments of Truth” which occur during the consumer decision journey. Research shows that most consumers have moments of doubts which can be dealt with in a face-to-face environment but are not catered for in most online environments. Our Shop Coach tool enables your teams to engage real time during these moments to eliminate doubts and make customers more confident about the decisions they make.

Principle 2: Consumers need to be in control of every step they take
Within the journey a consumer will take multiple steps and no two journeys will be alike. Each step provides more relevant content helping them to meet their needs. Randall explains how they want to be in charge.

At Shop Coach we translate this important principle in ‘The final say is with the customer’. After giving real time advice and helping the customer to make decisions they decide what to buy or what not to buy. We don’t send a box with surprises, the customer chooses the final items themselves.

Principle 3. Value creation
Randall says: Value creation becomes a relationship enhancing mechanism creating an emotional connection between retailer and consumer, building brand affinity (the most durable kind of customer loyalty).

His examples include: product video and how to guides. At Shop Coach we believe that retailers need to take this to the next level. Translating the face-to-face interaction to online and creating a more personal, engaging and relevant interaction, at the moments that really matter. The ‘moments of truth’.

I love the principle of Design “Consumer First” not “Mobile First" 

In which Randall pleads for the customer experience design plan to sit above all touchpoints.
Design for consumers not screens. He shares a chart showing a forecast which shows that in 2020 less than 50% of the devices will be covered by PC’s, smartphones and tables. Showing an increase in usage of wearables, smart home devices and smart TV’s.

If you want to know about all 10 principles click here.

At Your Style Lab | Shop Coach we believe in personalisation which is easy to implement and add value to your customer journeys.

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