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Lack of Human Interaction loses customers
17 mei 2017

Lack of Human Interaction loses customers

To test whether forsaking all human interaction in favour of total automation is really a cost-effective silver-bullet solution, Yonder Digital Group commissioned research among UK consumers and found that an overwhelming 87% report they tend to stay more loyal and increase their business with companies who offer a real person to talk to at the right stage of their customer journey.

This result completely debunks the myth that customer experience can be managed entirely via automation technologies and spells out an important caveat to businesses: scrimping on customer experience can severely damage the bottom-line.

"With technology rapidly responding to customer appetite and offering an increasing number of channels and ways for customers to get in touch with companies to make enquiries or complaints, it is not surprising that many businesses find justification in opting for cheap, fully-automated solutions to managing the customer experience."

Human interaction, therefore, takes a key role in the channel mix required by today’s customers. And that is what we at Your Style Lab | Shpo Coach believe as well. The personal interaction and service combined with technology is a winning combination. It will increase loyalty and customer services and improve conversion rates and average order values.

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