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Online Personalisation customer bliss or not?
24 feb 2017

Online Personalisation customer bliss or not?

More and more we see different types of online personalisation making their way into the e-commerce landscape. Margins are thin and conversion rates are low. eRetailers are looking constantly for ways to improve the online customer journey.

Valentin Radu offers an overview of different personalisation tools online, and although the article is from December 2015 I believe it is still relevant.

He not only talks about retargeting and reviews but also about new tools like progressive personalisation. For the full article click here.

source smartinsights.com

In Raconteur's latest eCommerce report, Personalisation online is also discussed as a new way to make the online journey more relevant for your customers and they talk about automated personal advice. We believe that the combination of AI and real persons will create added value for your CRM strategy and it will increase conversion rates.

For the full report click here.

source: Raconteur.net

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