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What makes Your Style Lab | Shop Coach unique?
08 feb 2017

What makes Your Style Lab | Shop Coach unique?

What do we mean by Online Personal Shopping?

Over the last couple of years, companies have started to introduce ‘Personal Shopping Online’ services in order to improve the performance of their online store.
We see that the motivation behind these new services are similar to traditional in-store assistance, helping consumers in their search for the perfect outfit.

Services like Trunk and The Cloakroom sent out a box with outfits to their clients, based on their profile information. Start-up Tess combines the knowledge of personal stylists with algorithm, making is possible for a stylist to serve over 50,000 clients. In both cases experienced personal stylists create boxes with outfits that are send to the customer. Some retailers like Zalando are introducing this kind of service also (under the name Zalon).

Although part of the service is carried out online, like the intake, the service is not necessarily online focussed.

Your Style Lab | Shop Coach does not send out boxes with outfits. The approach is different to most initiatives we see in the market today. We believe that ONLINE personal shopping assistance can add value to the current online shopping experience by offering real time personal advice during the purchase process. Hence, at the moment of truth, the moment the consumer is browsing through an online store and has a question, he or she can directly get in touch with a personal shopper.

 “But that is why we have chat tools” you might think. This is true in the sense that I can ask questions and get an answer right away. But if I have questions about what suits me as a person in terms of style, fit and colour, instant messaging might not be enough. In order to create excellent personal service online the personal shopper needs to have some information, which instantly creates a shopper profile that is used to advice outfits based on that profile, in just a few minutes’ time.

Your Style Lab | Shop Coach creates a real-time video connection with the customer and starts an interactive visual conversation allowing for the personal stylist to advise based on real customer data like colour, sizes, style and more.

The outcome is an added value for your online shoppers, who can directly add the advised items to cart or add them to their wish list. With the enriched data, you built a more personal relationship with your customers and learn more about their needs along the way.


The benefits to the retailer:

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Higher AOV
  • Satisfied customers


Curious in what we can do for your customer engagement? Contact us now for a free demo of Your Style Lab | Shop Coach.

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