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YSL Shop Coach pitch and Jury Questions @Tech Retail Week
15 sep 2017

YSL Shop Coach pitch and Jury Questions @Tech Retail Week

We launched YSL Shop Coach this week in the UK market at the Discovery stage of Tech by Retail Week event. It was great being able to talk to the biggest retailers in the UK and receive positive feedback on our online personal shopping services. We have learned a lot from the constructive conversations and questions we received.

Pitching helps us to get to the point.  It challenges us to think about which value we are adding and for whom.
The Pitch Canvas of David Beckett helped me a lot. He supported me 2 years ago with creating a 1 minute pitch. This is still the foundation of the pitches I do today. Having 3 minutes was a luxury but it was again a challenge to stick to the point.

Find out for yourself and watch the 3 min pitch of Chantal and the questions she received from the jury.

Jury members where:

Sienne Velt - Director Online Product | John Lewis
Kash Ghedia - Head of Technology | Dixons Carphone
Marc Lamik - Head of Product | Zalando
Kalinka Kay - Investment Associate | Truestart

Your Style Lab | Shop Coach

1.  Is a Unique interactive Conversation technology

2.  Providing One-to-One online personal service

3.  Combining human interaction, algorithm and chatbot

4.  Providing improved conversion rates and increasing Customer Life Time Value

5.  Creating enriched Data profiling for eCommerce & CRM

Curious about how we can transform the way you engage with your customers? 

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